•Real Name: Dwayne Carter
•Birthday: September 27, 1982
•Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
•Sign: Libra
•He is in jail for a year for marijuana, and shooting a women with a gun. He was put in Jail on March 8 2010.
•He got arrested in 2010 for being caught with marijuana on his tour bus.
•Always refers to Birdman/Baby (Brian Williams) as his Pa.
•Was once a member of the group the Hot Boys.
•Is CEO of Young Money records and president of Ca$h Money Records.
•Has a record label called Young Money Records.
•Currently resides in Houston, Texas, after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina. [2005]
•He has made 4 albums as of 2004.
•Has a daughter named Regginae.
•Names Prince as one of his favorite musicians and biggest influences.
•Even though it bears a standard RIAA explicit-lyrics sticker he was unable to curse on his first album, “Tha Block is Hot,” because of his status of being a “minor”.
•Records for Ca$h Money/Universal Records.
•Attends University of Houston, majoring in psychology.
•He chose not to curse on his first album, Tha Block Is Hot even though it had a standard RIAA explicit-lyrics sticker
•He started writing rhymes in sixth grade
•Jay-Z was in a bidding war for Wayne`s services
•Lil Wayne almost shot himself to death while handling a loaded gun.
•it is confirmed that Lil Wayne was engaged with “Superhead” but they canceled it. Wayne is said to be engaged with Lauren London.
•He lives in Houston, Texas, due to the damages of Hurricane Katrina
•He stands at 5`6″
•Lil Wayne was born to Jacinda Carter when she was only 19. His father left soon after he was born
•Wayne`s first contact with hip-hop was listening to local Cash Money Records artists like Pimp Daddy and U.N.L.V., whom he would later credit as his earliest influences
•He attends the University of Houston, majoring in political science but according to Cash Money Records website, Wayne later switched his major to psychology
•He signed with the record label Cash Money at the age of eleven
•Lil` Wayne was born to Jacida “Cita” Carter and Dwayne Michael Turner.
•In July 2007, Lil’ Wayne was arrested for the illegal possession of a .40 calibre pistol. The arrest occurred after officers spotted him smoking marijuana and found the pistol after taking him into custody.
•His trademark is a red bandanna in his right pocket or tied on his right arm or leg.
•Lil` Wayne always refers to Birdman as his Pa.
•He bought a sky box at the Louisiana Superdome with Birdman.
•He went solo at age 17
•In 1997, Lil` Wayne formed The Hot Boys
•He is the president of Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment.
•Rumors say he is dating rapper Trina.
•At the age of 16 he had a daughter with Antonia “Toya”, his high school sweatheart Reginae Carter. They later divorced.


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